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What would happen if we built the emotional resilience of young people before they transitioned to secondary school?

In collaboration with the Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) team at Islington Council and Design Against Crime research centre, Balance provides a visually engaging toolkit for emotional regulation.

Highlighting Resilience framework points of Coping and Core Self, the Balance tool supports young people aged 10-12, aiming to build emotional awareness, problem solving skills and cognitive empathy.

Divided into Emotions and Body signals, the participant moves the discs to either high, low or in-between. If there is an imbalance, Balance will then tilt in response. This is followed by a series of cards to name emotions/signals, reappraisal and future goal setting.

Once the participant has set a goal, they write it on the Rebalance disc and place it on the tool, this will equal out an imbalance acting as a visual representation of their goal in action.